Work Packages

FETRIC is organized in 5 different work packages

WP 1 - Support to policy dialogue
WP 2 - Societal challenges to reinforce the European Tunisia Cooperation
WP 3 - Raising EU-Tunisia S&T cooperation / Encourage the best research and innovation actors
WP 4 - Information, communication and dissemination
WP 5 - Management

WP 1 - Support to policy dialogue

The objective of this WP is to support the bilateral ST&I policy dialogue by contributing to the preparation and implementation of a new road map for future EU-Tunisian STI cooperation. It is also to support the coordination and proper synergies with other EU policies and programmes and research policies and programmes of EU Member States vis-à-vis Tunisia, putting special focus on the development of new programmatic approaches and fitting instruments. Another objective of this WP is the monitoring of the on-going evolution of the EU-Tunisian ST&I cooperation and its impact for both European and Tunisian sides. Last but not least, this WP will support a coherent approach between the bilateral and Euro-Mediterranean ST&I policy dialogue.

WP 2 - Societal challenges to reinforce the European Tunisia Cooperation

The main aim of this work package is to focus its actions on the horizon 2020 societal challenges, with a special attention to the following ones:

  1. Scarcity of resources,
  2. Energy (specifically the sustainable utilization of renewable energy and energy saving),
  3. High quality affordable food.

After an in-depth analysis of the Tunisian STI system, a methodology will be applied to each of the identified societal challenges so as to bring research and innovation actors together and hence align EU – Tunisian science, technology and innovation chain processes.

WP 3 - Encouraging the best research and innovation actors to grasp EU-Tunisia S&T cooperation opportunities

The main objective of this work package is to get Tunisian stakeholders involved in research and innovation partnership projects including both Tunisian and European structures. This will be done mainly by coordinating the Tunisian networks of multipliers, pursuing the improvement the RTD management skills to conduce international research and innovation programmes and projects. Thus, expertise and talents will be matched and combined in order and lead to a deepening of bilateral science, research and innovation activities and a dialogue will be fostered by organizing a Brokerage event for innovation and EU-MPC cooperation.

WP 4 - Information, communication and dissemination

This work-package objective is to carry out a set of actions aiming at increasing the visibility of FETRIC project, its liaison office and all the activities developed during the project life.

This WP will identify communication channels and elaborate a communication strategy to reach the different EU, Tunisian, regional and international target groups and stakeholders.

WP 5 - Management

This WP will ensure the overall management of the work undertaken in FETRIC. This general objective will be reached by ensuring an effective and efficient organization of the project activities also in coordination with the EU Commission.


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